I’ve had the pleasure of working with talented, dedicated people on a series of wonderful teams. Following are testimonials I’ve received (listed by company, in alphabetical order).

Automation Anywhere

“I worked with Marinela on a very short project but was really impressed with her work. She is experienced, very thorough andasks all the right questions. I highly recommend her for an SEOConsultant or SEO Tech Writer position. It would be great to work with her again.”

-Suhasini Gadam, Product Marketing Manager (Digital Worker Ecosystem)

Documentum / EMC

“Marinela is an excellent web editor, she knows how to write for the web to optimize user experience. In addition she has keen interest in search engine optimization. I have always admired her passion for the SEO, web and usability.”

-Gurmeet Dhaliwal, Director, Global Interactive Marketing Strategy

“Marinela is a pleasure to work with and a gifted wordsmith. A dedicated team member, Marinela provides the written content for our product and solution web pages for me to produce. She provides clear, concise instructions, and her attention to detail is unsurpassed.

I’m always glad to work with Marinela because I know there won’t be any rework – when her content copy comes to me, it’s perfect.”

-James Young, Product Manager / Frontend Web Developer

EMC Corporation / Dell

“I have known and worked with Marinela Miclea for just over 11 years. She worked in the editorial group on editorial and copy editing on EMC.com web site. I managed the web production group and her help and understanding of web content, SEO and social marketing was very valuable to us.

She understood how our CMS worked, how our templates worked and worked to create copy submission templates for content owners to use. She frequently worked directly with the content owners and helped them understand how to write better web copy.

In all the projects I worked with her on, she was consistent, diligent and strove to hand over the best content in appropriate format to our team. Marinela is a very hard worker and a great team player.

I recommend her for employment without reservation. Please let me know if you need further information. I would definitely recommend hiring her back without question. Her knowledge of our site, the templates, product line and editorial skill set will be missed.”

-April Helsley, Web Production Manager

“Marinela’s attention to detail is second to none. She’s a skilled copywriter who is able to adopt any style. She’s passionate about quality and always ensures that standards are upheld and delivers first class copy.

We worked together on a number of EMC.com projects and she was always a great resource and valuable member of the team. I would definitely recommend her!”

-Martha Wilkinson, Project Manager

“Marinela is a scrupulous, sophisticated, insightful editor and a bulldog for clarity and precision in written English. In a business world plagued by waning attention to editorial quality we struggled to create, evangelize, and enforce rules and standards at an ever-faster pace with fewer people – an atmosphere in which Marinela thrived. Our view is that writing standards and best practices matter.

Writing in the digital world requires greater structural sophistication, not less, with search optimization, brevity, and visitor distraction issues making calculated prose more important than ever. Marinela’s leadership and mentoring as a champion of these principles showed me that with ten of her I could run a small country.”

-Terry Brown, Senior Manager, Editorial Services

“I worked very closely with Marinela during my time on the web team. She masterfully handled our content development and SEO before most people knew what that even meant. Marinela’s attention to detail, ability to research, and her sharp writing skills led to sustained success through our various conversion funnels on multiple web properties from corporate to micro sites. Additionally Marinela has a great high level understanding of technology that made her very easy to collaborate with. I would highly recommend her!”

-Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Application Developer / Senior Web Developer

PeopleSoft / Oracle

“Marinela is a dedicated web producer who will stop at nothing to get the job done, and done right. She has excellent inter- and intra-team communication and has thorough understanding of both marketing and technology. I highly recommend Marinela for web projects!”

-Karen Moss, Web Producer

“I managed Marinela when we were proceeding through a lengthy and complex re-design and re-write of the entire www.peoplesoft.com site. During this difficult time I was always confident that Marinela’s assignments would be completed on deadline, with a quality well in excess of both my and her clients’ expectations.

Marinela keenly attends to details and focuses fiercely on quality results. She is all about the work, not about the position or the personalities, which makes her easy to manage and responsive to direction. She is also a caring and compassionate person. She even laughed at my jokes.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and accomplished professional who can hit the ground running and take on difficult assignments with certitude and fortitude and without attitude.”

-Jerry Franklin, Manager, Web Content Strategy

Sun Microsystems, Inc. / Oracle

“… Marinela … went well beyond her scope to ensure that deadlines were met and quality of work was top notch.”

“Marinela has demonstrated very strong capabilities in both editing documents from various sources as well as getting them into HTML…”

“She has been extremely flexible in being the “catcher” of the majority of the website deliverables at a very late stage, and still be able to create, edit, wordsmith and quality check content and format in time…”

“Today we have a fully implemented and successful website that is due largely to Marinela’s contribution.”

TriStrata Inc.

“Just wanted to say what a great job you did…”

“There was very positive feedback from the engineers over the specs. doc.”

WebTV Networks, Inc. / Microsoft

“I think developers will be blown away when they see the depth of detail available.”

Wells Fargo Bank

“Thank you so much for all your work building the online Retirement Planning Center.”

“I really appreciate your attention to detail during the last few months of rewriting and editing the content as well as checking links and your excellent advice on search words.”

“We really miss your eagle eye!”

“I also really appreciate your stepping up to help out with writing the html code for the last round of changes we did.”

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