Seasoned professional, creative as well as analytical, exceptional communication, focused on ROI.

Technical Skills

SEO | SEM | Google Analytics | HubSpot | Hootsuite | Buffer | Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) | TeamSite | Documentum | Microsoft Office | Marketo | Salesforce | Moz | Asana | Smartsheet | HTML | WordPress

Professional Experience

2016-2019 — Mendo Digital (Mendocino / Northern California)
Role: Content Marketer / Copywriter / Project Manager / Strategist

  • Project management: Managed multiple projects and assessed customers’ brand, goals, and competition to develop the right growth strategy for them.
  • Content writing: Wrote articles, blog posts, and website copy on various topics and industries – business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).
  • Digital marketing: Provided marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing.
  • Social marketing: Set up companies’ social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest) and media strategy, growing brand awareness, and responding to customer issues and inquiries.

2016 — LiveHive, Inc. (San Jose, California)
Role: Digital Marketing Manager

  • Content management: Managed company site on WordPress, optimized digital content with responsive Web design and functionality, liaised with internal teams/vendors for content curation, graphics, SEO, SEM, and PPC campaigns.
  • Content strategy: Developed user personas and designed site content streams.

2004-2015 — EMC Corporation / Dell (Pleasanton, California)
Role: Senior Web Writer / Editor

  • Award: Earned Excellence at EMC Silver Award as optimization team member, in recognition of on-time, on-budget content migration, and strategy.
  • Marketing communications: Wrote, edited, and curated content for campaigns, products, services, solutions, and industries – landing pages, eBooks, blog posts, articles, videos, leadership materials, and white papers.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Directly impacted search engine rankings, increasing ROI and evangelizing best practices to marketing teams.
  • Content migrations: Led multiple content and multisite migrations with content management system (CMS) implementation at zero down time.
  • Content management: Increased effectiveness of marketing teams with custom content submission templates and content publishing processes.
  • Training: Coached writers, marketing managers, and directors on best-in-class content creation and UX.

2002-2004 — Documentum / EMC (Pleasanton, California)
Role: Web Writer / Editor

  • Award: Earned Merit Award: Content Management Products, Online Communication, Touchstone, Northern California Technical Communication Competition, Society of Technical Communication (STC).
  • Content management: Increased efficiency for line-of-business (LOB) managers by developing content submission templates and brainstorming on graphics and interactive tools for lead generation.
  • Web analytics: Optimized website content by performing competitive webpage analyses, evaluating site usage statistics, and implementing findings.
  • Usability: Planned and executed website usability testing, tabulated results, and wrote executive summary of recommendations, validating plans for future improvement of site.

2000-2001 — PeopleSoft / Oracle (Pleasanton, California)
Role: Web Producer

  • Content management / content strategy: Published Web content through launch, multiple content migrations, content integrations, and site globalization, brainstorming with marketing managers to develop content and move to content management system (CMS).
  • Website development: Improved organic search, lead generation, performance marketing.
  • Digital marketing: Increased sales via direct-response pages, sales-oriented landing sites, and direct mail campaigns, running A/B testing, and tracking response rates / effectiveness.
  • Usability: Enhanced user experience by assembling script, graphics, video, and audio client testimonials into interactive multimedia such as product tours, diagrams, and demos.
  • Project management: Performed project management functions for website development including planning, scheduling, and implementation. Maintained ongoing communications with teams comprising product managers, developers, designers, project managers, and vendors.

1999-2000 — Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco, California)
Role: Content Manager / Project Manager / Content Producer

  • Web content management: Developed webpages, meeting with various product teams (such as Customer Support, IRA/Retirement Center, Home Equity, and Y2K) to define objectives and timelines, determine content and functionality, design visually appealing layout, ensure rapid download times, and quality-control results.
  • Digital marketing: Wrote original content as well as curated content, negotiating terms with third parties, editing and customizing outsourced articles, ensuring their adherence to site tone and stylistic requirements.
  • Web project management: Performed project management functions for website development including planning, scheduling, and implementation. Maintained ongoing communications with teams comprising product managers, developers, designers, project managers, and vendors.
  • QA: Tested Web pages for quality assurance (QA) and adherence to Web standards and usability guidelines.

Various projects at: Arthur Andersen / Accenture, John Deere, Sun Microsystems / Oracle, TriStrata, WebTV Networks / Microsoft among others.

Education and Professional Development


Publications, Presentations, Honors

Special Skills

  • Project management experience
  • International business and working abroad experience
  • Multilingual: English, French, Romanian, Spanish


  • U.S. citizen
  • Flexible, versatile, creative
  • Agile experience
  • Excellent communicator and team player

Image: Inbound Certified by HubSpot Academy
Inbound Certified by HubSpot Academy


Image: Hootsuite Professional Certification by Hootsuite
Hootsuite Professional Certification by Hootsuite