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Marketing News: January 1, 2018

Marketing news, articles, and blog posts I found most interesting today.

  • Content marketing trends in 2018 – “aha” moments: create quality content on a regular basis, air your ideas even if they evolve later instead of aiming for perfection now, and conduct original research and publish it (source: Content Marketing Institute)
  • Instagram marketing trends in 2018 – predicted trends include: Instagram advertising instead of just organic reach will be necessary to maintain high engagement, new shopping feature integration with Shopify, Instagram profile to become new homepage like your website, Instagram Stories advertising will reach new audiences, user-generated content will need digital rights management, brands will turn to micro-influencer marketing, and analytics will become more important to understanding your audience and content performance (source: Later)
  • Marketing analytics: multitouch attribution for customer conversion – companies need to understand the value that all touchpoints play in the consumer journey and not rely solely to last-click attribution; key drivers for change in 2018 include big data, cloud, community, mobile, and social according to Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff (source: MediaPost)
  • Marketing editorial calendar for 2018 – plan for events in the upcoming year that will give you the opportunity to grab website visitors’ interest; upcoming events of worldwide interest include:
    • 2018 Winter Olympics (February)NASA Mars InSight mission launch (May)
    • royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (May)
    • 2018 FIFA World Cup (June-July), Global Climate Action Summit (September)
    • U.S. Congressional and gubernatorial elections (November)
    • SpaceX flight of a couple of private citizens around the moon (late 2018) (source: ClearVoice)
  • Social marketing trends in 2018 – predictions include community and authentic sharing winning over advertising, retargeting to become essential to the customer journey, collaborative storytelling, relationship marketing to increase, video to become more essential in almost every channel, and CEOs to embrace social media as well as:
    • Facebook – reviews to become more critical as well as to roll out more features for video creators; advertising costs to rise
    • Instagram – to continue to grow fast among businesses, using Stories Highlights feature, hashtag competition, and advertising; advertising costs to rise
    • LinkedIn – to roll out video ads and increase ad performance; organic reach to grow
    • Pinterest – to become more efficient at keyword and visual search and ad targeting
    • Snapchat – to integrate live video functionality and possibly get acquired
    • Twitter – to grow users and revenue
    • YouTube – more brands doing lead-gen.
      (source: Social Media Examiner)


In addition to being a writer, Marinela Miclea runs Mendo Digital, a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), eCommerce, social media, and website optimization. She’s passionate about books, music, social justice, and ethics. Follow her on Twitter @marinelamiclea or contact her with any questions.

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