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First-of-the-Month News: October 1, 2010

Marketing-related news, articles, and blog posts I found most interesting today.

  • Quality content – share compelling content with your customers wherever they are, not just create it (source: Content Marketing Institute)
  • Strategic pillars for content marketing strategy – orient your thinking and your content creation efforts into a structure that’s repeatable, thorough and existentially in the best interests of your customers (source: Content Marketing Institute)
  • Bing xRank is dead – Bing has shut down its search service; launched in 2007, xRank was similar to Google Trends xRank URL – now redirects to the Bing home page (source: Search Engine Land)
  • Keyword research and PPC best practices – use different keyword tools to compile your keyword list with keyword research best practices; also, how to structure pay-per-click (PPC) account to increase your quality scores (source: Sphinn)

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