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First-of-the-Month News: December 1, 2010

Marketing-related news, articles, and blog posts I found most interesting today.

  • Content marketing trends for 2011 – think pull vs. push: intensify focus on researching and creating content that will entertain, amuse, inform, serve a function, or satisfy a consumer need (source: eMarketer)
  • Email marketing vs. social media – email has a longer “shelf life” than Twitter and Facebook; also, send content that’s relevant to recipients (source: Bob Johnson Consulting)
  • Word-of-mouth marketing online – engage in conversation with your customers wherever they hang out, encourage them to share your content, and empower them to become brand advocates (source: Flightpath)
  • Social media conversation calendar – develop a content strategy for social media, figure out your audience, choose your brand voice and tone, set up your social media content process and designate those who’ll manage it, regularly update your posts, and measure results (source: Content Marketing Institute)

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