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First-of-the-Month News: January 1, 2018

Marketing-related news, articles, and blog posts I found most interesting today. Content marketing trends in 2018 – “aha” moments: create quality content on a regular basis, air your ideas even if they evolve later instead of aiming for perfection now, and conduct original research and publish it (source: Content Marketing Institute) Instagram marketing trends in 2018 – …

Book Review: “Dark Summit” by Nick Heil

Book Review: “Dark Summit” by Nick Heil

In his book Dark Summit, Nick Heil described the events of the controversial 2006 Mount Everest climbing season, when 11 people died on the mountain. An experienced mountain climber, skiing and climbing instructor, and outdoor writer, Heil interviewed both the principals involved (those who survived) and those on the periphery (some of whom contributed to …