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Mendo Coast Biz column: February 2019

Mendo Coast Biz Column: February 2019

This article was originally published in the Fort Bragg Advocate-News. This is the first article in our new Mendo Coast Biz column, focusing on the successes and challenges of Mendocino Coast businesses. We’ll interview local business owners, discuss best practices for businesses, and provide marketing tips. Readers’ comments and suggestions are welcome and will be answered …

Greg Bear: "Eon" book - Marinela Miclea review

Book Review: “Eon” by Greg Bear

Science fiction author Greg Bear published Eon in 1985 though I didn’t get around to reading it (and writing a book review) ’till now. Considered a “hard” S/F writer because of the many scientific details in his writing, Bear focuses on themes of accelerated evolution, artificial universes, consciousness and cultural practices, and galactic conflict. Synopsis A hollowed-out asteroid …

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Marketing News: April 1, 2018

Marketing-related news, articles, and blog posts I found most interesting today. Strong social media strategy – when planning your social advertising campaigns, structure it with the following elements: community growth (with a targeted audience that’s interested in your brand), engagement (focus advertising spend on content that’s doing well organically), website clicks (set social media parameters to get …

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Marketing News: March 1, 2018

Marketing-related news, articles, and blog posts I found most interesting today. Content marketing: establish thought leadership – process includes: conducting content experiments for data-driven insights, monthly Agile marketing sprints, Asana content marketing sprint boards, daily scrums in Google Hangouts, and logging tasks via Slack (source: Content Marketing Institute) Video marketing: ranking first on YouTube – steps comprise: research keyword and …